React Redux Firebase CRUD App with Authentication

Posted 5 years ago by Ryan Dhungel

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Have you ever wanted to build Real Web App using React Redux and Firebase Realtime Database? I am talking about an application on which you would be able to perform Create Read Update and Delete (CRUD) operations and as well as Authentication which is obviously a very important part of any real web app.

Fully Explained React Redux Firebase CRUD app with Authentication


If you have you been looking for a FULLY EXPLAINED React with Redux course that goes beyond basics and shows you how to build a Real World Web App? Well, you have arrived to the right place! I have just released a course on Udemy which is a paid course but using the the link below, you will get access to it for $9.99 only.

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This course begins from absolute basics of React, then introduces Redux (a separate section dedicated to make you understand Redux in a simplest possible way) and uses Firebase Realtime Database to build an awesome project.

Lets get straight to the point. You spend weeks, months learning React ES6 etc right? But at the end of the day what matters is what have you build?

If you are still stuck with React’s props and state, arrow functions, destructuring etc and not really sure how to make your way through the basics to the real world web development, this course is your answer!

In this course you will learn to build User Interface using Reactmanage state using Redux and make CRUD (create, read, update, delete) operations with Firebase, which is a Realtime Database in the cloud by Google.

What topics are covered in React Redux Firebase Course?

  • React
  • Redux
  • Understanding Redux (seperate section)
  • Firebase
  • Authentication
  • Social Login (Google, Twitter)
  • React Router
  • Loading Component
  • Authorization Component
  • Commenting System
  • and much more practical content

Noting beats the hands on practical experience. So take this course and embark on a journey to build MODERN WEB APPS using React Redux and Firebase.

Please watch the Promo Video and go through the Curriculam to get a bigger picture of this course! Thank you.