How to write Web Developer Resume that guarantees...

How to write Web Developer Resume that guarantees Web Developer Job

Posted 1 year ago by Ryan Dhungel

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OK. You want to get the Web Developer Job? No worries. Worried about not having experience, real projects, real skills?? All that is about to end here.

Follow the guide line below and you will be doing your dream job in the year 2020 for sure!

You will learn and build all these 10 FullStack / MERN Stack Web Development projects along with in-depth understanding of React, Node, MongoDB, Laravel, Vue, NuxtJs, NextJS.

Follow these steps to make a successful career as a Professional Web Developer in 2020


  1. Prepare A killer Resume. Such Resume will bring revolution in your career :)

  2. Write everything down, every bit of technology you know. You don't have to be expert, just be smart. You can learn most of them as you learn and build real projects.

  3. No professional experience? No worries, Just write freelance web developer :) 

  4. Keep reading...


5. Write one major project you have build. If not no worries, Take my MERN-STACK MULTI USER BLOGGING PLATFORM course where you will learn to build a Real World project from scratch to running live in the cloud servers. Use it as your Full time job experience. You are the developer/author at your site. Sounds great right?



6. Continue with your resume... Showcase your project in a smart way like this :) Add more bullet points, I have added only few make is short.. Add your live website link or Github repo link. Either works great!



7. You want to guarantee that job right? How about adding MERN-STACK ECOMMERCE PROJECT  in your resume:) Thats it! This is a game changer!



8. Next, Lets add an exciting, feature rich MERN-STACK FROM SCRATCH WITH SOCIAL NETWORK project in your resume:) By the way if you are new to MERN Stack, React or Node. This course is perfect for you.




9. Now you will showase how you can build production quality apps with ULTIMATE AUTHENTICATION PROJECT WITH MERN-STACK. Yes you are not just another learner, you are expert ninja. Lets prove it by adding this killer production app to your resume!




10. WOW. So far its looking great. Your resume already have 4 massive MERN Stack projects. But we are going to have 10 projects in our resume right? Lets keep going. It's time to add SLACK CLONE REAL TIME MESSAGING APP to show off our Vue Vuex Firebase Skill :)




11. Are you a PHP Laravel developer? How about adding a FULLSTACK LARAVEL API WITH SSR NUXT JS FRONTEND project to your resume? Sounds awesome right?




12. OH. Are we forgetting redux? It's hard as hell until we get used to it. But once we get it, we kinda get hooked into it. Lets add a simple CRUD/AUTH/DIARY APP WITH REACT REDUX FIREBASE to our resume. Why not :)




13. More Laravel React Goodness. Lets add TWITTER CLONE LARAVEL REACT REALTIME WITH PUSHER. Lets show them how diverse apps you can build with modern tech stacks. This shows what a quick learner and tech enthusiast you are :)




14. Are you not much into React Vue etc. No worries! With Laravel itself, you can build incredible server side web apps such as this one. LARAVEL MULTI USER BLOGGING PLATFORM WITH SEO




15. Hey... are we forgetting wordpress here? Before you even learned to code you might have build one or two wordpress sites. After all its the most popular CMS. Why not add them to your resume? Here is an example. ALERT! I dont have any course on wordpress :)



16. Are we done yet? Nearly :) Are you totally new to react and trying to get up and running as fast as you can? Or have you already been through one of those crazy days.. either way this is a great project to get into react. I am thinking of doing it all over again just to get myself back to where i started... lets see. But at the meantime, include this in your resume and add that github link as well where you will be hosting this awesome HACKERNEWS CLIENT WHILE LEARNING REACT FOR BEGINNERS




17. YAY. There we have 10 projects done. BUT.... But you wont be able to do those projects if you dont have good JavaScript knowledge. Dont worry... I have yet another course that covers everything you need to know about JavaScript. MASTERING JAVASCRIPT FROM SCRATCH WITH JQUERY AND REACTJS



18. What happened to the RESUME? Calm down... its here. Lets end this crazy resume. The recruitment officer might get heart attack :) Just kidding. They will love it...... GET READY TO GET LOADS OF INTERVIEW CALLS. All the best for the NEW YEAR 2020 🎊