How to Master JavaScript jQuery and React in 2018

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We all know the importance of JavaScript in Modern Web DevelopmentjQuery has always been dominant in frontend web development and now we have another awesome piece of technology, React Js.


React Js is redefining the way we develop web apps. It’s widespread popularity is growing at rapid speed. Those who have tried it, love it. Since jQuery is way easier to get started and widely used all over the web. It is a must have skill too.


In fact, currently many big jobs are out there for re-designing their frontend using React, which was previously written using jQuery. jQuery is still a great choice for small to medium size projects.


Ok so jQuery and React are great but how do you actually get there? How do you become a Qualified JavaScript Developer from scratch, specially in this year 2018 which has just began?


That is what I am writting about, keep reading...

JavaScript is relatively a small language compared to other programming languages. So It should not be a big deal to master it.


The only big deal here is how you should aproach to learn JavaScript really really well?


Honestly, I am not a big fan of reading lengthy articles. I love it when it gets straight to the point it is trying to make. So let me list down the topics you should learn in order to become a sucessful JavaScript Developer in a step by step manner.


This list below will save you months of possible time-wasting and frustration, trying to learn JavaScript from 100 different tutorials and online resources.

Become a sucessful JavaScript Developer with the following steps

Understand the following topics in a step by step manner to become a master of JavaScript in 2018. Continue reading until the end... 

  • Understand what is JavaScript?

    - JavaScript is made up of 3 parts. EcmaScript Specifications, Browser Object Model (BOM) and Document Object Model (DOM)
  • Understand JavaScript Data Types

    - Not just JavaScript, Any programming language that you want to learn,  begin with it’s Data Types. Understand nullundefinednumberstringobject and function type
  • Understand JavaScript Objects

    - In JavaScript, every data type weather it’s primitive or reference type, inherit it's behaviour from Object type. Begin with Object properties and values while learning the basics of createreadupdatedelete operations.
  • Understand JavaScript Operators

    - JavaScript operators are similar to other programming languages. Understand unarybooleanmultiplicativeadditiverelationalequalityconditional or ternarycompound assignment and comma operators
  • Understand JavaScript Loops

    if elsedo whilewhile and for loops are shared by many other programming languages. They are pretty easy to grasp in JavaScript.
  • Understand JavaScript functions basics

    - JavaScript functions are different than regular functions from other programming languages.. Because in JavaScript they inherit the behaviour from Objects. Function arguments object is something you should be familier to work with.
  • Understanding JavaScript Primitive and Reference type, Execution Context and Scope

    - To fully JavaScript from the root, you must have a clear understanding of JavaScript Primitive and Reference typeExecution Context and Scope.
  • Understangin JavaScript Arrays

    - JavaScript arrays are extremly powerful. You must understand Array conversionArray stackArray queueArray re-orderingArray manipulationArray locationArray iterative and Array reduce metods.
  • Understangin JavaScript Regular Expression and Date type

    - These topics on its own are huge. You should at least make yourself familier with them.
  • Understand JavaScript functions

    - It's time to dive deep into JavaScript functions. What is the difference between function declaration vs function expression? What is this and argument object? Also there are function methods such as applycall and bind
  • Understand JavaScript Primitive Wrapper Type

    - Yes, the primitive types have properties and methods that we can use such as concatslice or tolowercase method on Strings. Understand how and why.
  • Understand Object Oriented JavaScript

    - You should understand Objects in depth and patterns used to create objects such as FactoryConstructor and Prototype pattern
  • Understand Recursion, Closures, IIFE

    - There is more to functions in JavaScript. You should understand recursionfunction closuresobject closures and block scopeusing Immeditely Invoked Function Expression (IIFE)
  • Understand Window Ojbect Model (BOM) and Document Object Model (DOM)

    - Understand window objectdocument object, their properties and methods, how the HTML doucment is represented as heirachy of nodes in DOM as well as learn to use selectors to find elements in the DOM.
  • Understand jQuery and AJAX

    - By now, you must have a solid understand of core JavaScript including BOM and DOM. It's time to use jQuery and AJAX to have some fun using external API's to fetch data. Also learn how to use selectors and acquire a skill of manipulating the DOM.
  • Building jQuery Projects

    - Once you understand the code you write and how it works behind the scene, you should start building real projects. There is no such thing as practical experience. Build projects using jQuery and experience the real world of web development.
  • Understanding EcmaScript 6 - ES6

    - Since JavaScript is a based on EcmaScript, its changes are reflected on the language. ES6 has added new features to JavaScript and they are great. Its time to understand ES6. Learn about arrow functionsrest and spread operatorstemplate stringsdestructuring letconst etc
  • Understanding React Js

    - Once you have polished your JavaScript and jQuery skill with ES6, you are ready to start writting React Applications.
  • Understanding React Js Fundamentals

    - It's time to install react app locally, and start writting small components that are easy to understand and use JSX(you already know it, trust me... it's just a mixture of HTML and JavaScript) to build UI. Learn about classesstateful componentsstateless componentsreusable componentshigher order functionspropsrefs etc
  • Building React Projects

    - It's time to start building React Projects. By now you have got all the skills to start building real projects using React Js. Build projects, deploy to githubbuild a portfolio and start applying for jobs or whatever you are up to...

Once you have gone through this list, all you need to do is build projects after projects. You would have got all the necessary knowledge to do that.


Finally a link to my brand new Udemy course that covers all the above topics in a clear fashion, step by step.


Become A Master Of JavaScript in 2018 from Scratch (JavaScript, jQuery and React)


Let me say chao with the following few lines:

As soon as you understand the core concept of a language, library or framework, start building projects. Don’t try to master it first. Developers with years of experience are still learning. It is a process that never ends. Just build and build and deploy!