Vue JS Tutorial - Build Todo App

Posted 5 years ago by Ryan Dhungel

Category: Web Development ES6 Vue JS JavaScript


Learning a new framework is exciting but time consuiming process. But I can say that learn Vue JS might be a slightly different experience to you.

It is extremly powerful yet very beginner friendly.

In this short practical course, we will get a taste of Vue JS by building a simple Todo app. Obviously building a todo app is not enough to get a very good understand of a framework like Vue Js but you will definately feel much comfortable moving forward once you build this cool todo app.

Are you excited? I am sure you are. Lets kick things off!


  • Basic understand of JavaScript or any other programming language
  • Interested to learn Vue js by building a simple yet practical Todo app

Lessons 7

Are you new to Vue JS? Then this series will be a perfect fit for you to get a taste of Vue JS.
In this lesson, you will see a preview of a simple todo app that we will be building.

This lesson covers basic setup to start writting Vue Js applications. We will be using CDN(Content Delivery Network) links to simplify the process.

This lesson is a refresher to understand Object Properties and Methods in JavaScript.

In this lesson, you will learn about data bindings in vue js.

Learn about creating a new vue instace which is basically an object. Then learn how to add methods to the vue instance.

Learn about vue js directives. You can use vue js directives in templates that make things incredibly easy.
This is one of the coolest feature of vue js.

Learn about binding in Vue js.