Learn React Core Fundamentals ES6 API - Build a Rock Solid News App and Deploy to Github Pages

Posted 5 years ago by Ryan Dhungel

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React is changing the way we build web apps. It is extremely powerful yet extremely easy to learn. Dont believe me? May be I am the first person to say its easy to learn but trust me. Learn from me and you will be saying the same thing….

And another best thing about React is that you will be writing pure JavaScript code with React. So you ultimately get better with your JavaScript skill as well.

React should be your first choice to learn once you have understand the JavaScript as a Programming Language.


With React you truly become the next level JavaScript developer….

Come… join me in this course… and transform your life forever. Add React to your portfolio. You will also learn to build an awesome News app with React and push to GitHub pages as well. 

Watch live demo of this Newsapp that you will be building while learning the Core React Fundamentals.

It is time to add React to your skillset… a highly demanding skill in the current job market. The oppurtunities with React are endless and growing. Afterall it is backed by Facebook and Instagram.

  • Lightning fast Asynchronous Web Apps
  • React Native for ios and android mobile apps
  • React VR for Virtual Reality apps

It all begins with Rock Solid Understanding of React. Start right now!

Learn and understand Core React Fundamentals ES6 and API. Build and deploy a Rock Solid News App along the way.

Experience React the best possible way. This course will make you confident to use react for your next project. you will also build the next level… lightning fast …news app using react that takes advantage of all the best tools react has to offer.

React Fundamentals ES6 and API is divided in 3 major section. 

The first section gives you a solid understanding of React.

Topics included in the First Section of React Fundamentals ES6 and API.

  • Zero configuration setup and google chrome extension for react
  • React components and JSX
  • Unidirectional data flow in react
  • Synthetic events and binding methods in react
  • Controlled components, composable components and reusable components
  • Functional stateless components
  • Managing states and props in react
  • Higher order functions
  • ES6 let, const, object keys and this keyword, destructuring, arrow functions, class constructors
  • Code refactoring using ES6
  • React bootstrap styling


The second section prepares you to use real data from the API in your app.

Topics included in the Second Section of React Fundamentals ES6 and API

  • Lifecycle methods in react
  • Fetch real data from API
  • Server side search
  • Client side caching
  • Proptypes, refs, Import and export in react
  • ES6 template strings, spread operator, object assign, conditional rendering


The third section focuses on code organization, refactoring and advance concepts.

Topics included in the Third Section React Fundamentals ES6 and API

  • Higher order components
  • Lodash utility library
  • Advance sorting
  • Active links
  • Lifting state
  • React router
  • Deploy to github pages


React is one of those technology that redefines the present as we know.

React is changing the way we develop apps. Be a part of it. Come , join me in this unique course and take your skills to a whole new level. B

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