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Authorization and Policies in Laravel

Asked by Anonymous 9 months ago

How to use authorization with policies in laravel?

Answered by Ryan Dhungel 9 months ago

Using Authorization with Policies in Laravel

The code is taken from Intermediate Level Tutorial from Laravel Documentation:

Our aim is to make sure that the user deleting the task is actually the user who created it.
The task user id and the logged in user id should match.

Task controller destroy method

public function destroy(Task $task)
return redirect()->route('tasks.index');

Create task policy using artisan command

art make:policy TaskPolicy



namespace App\Policies;

use App\User;
use App\Task;
use Illuminate\Auth\Access\HandlesAuthorization;

class TaskPolicy
use HandlesAuthorization;

public function destroy(User $user, Task $task)
return $user->id === $task->user_id;


Register the policy that we have just created


protected $policies = [
Task::class => TaskPolicy::class,

This is how we can use authorization with policies in laravel.

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