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Essential Guide to Graphic Designers

Category: Graphic Design   Updated by Ryan Dhungel

color wheel warm and cool color in graphic design

Instead of writting a long article, Here I have written the key points that will Revolutionise you as a Graphic Designer

A good knowledge of Design Softwares such as Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign is obviously necessary. But there is more to Graphic Design.

This article features some of the great design works that are extremly valuable and inspiring to any graphic designer.

Before you start any project, Understand what you are going to create with drawing or brief to support your understanding. Next step will be further research, imagination and development to form a solid idea. The last step will be actually creating it using the softwares such as photoshop etc. This is where you can apply all that you have learned about the project to create a design that communicates to its targeted audience.

These are some of the key concepts that can help you in your professional career as a Graphic Designer.

use of line color shape and space design concepts

Always keep in mind

  • Line
  • Color
  • Shape
  • Texture
  • Space
  • Form
  • Typography

Key Design Principles

use of lines in various color shade and contrast

Contrast - Use of Colors

  • Use of Colors - Find the perfect color shades in real-time @ adobe color website
  • Warm colors
  • Cool colors
  • Color shades and tints
  • Contrasting colors


Hierarchy -Hierarchical Design Principles

  • Use of Hierarchy
  • Hierarchy design principles
  • Hierarchy in scale
  • Hierarchy in color
  • Hierarchy in contrast
  • Hierarchy in space
  • Hierarchy in depth and focus
  • Hierarchy in flow and movement



horizontal and vertical alignment

Acheive a particular look and feel using edge alignment or center alignment.

  • Type alignment
  • Type face
  • Type size weight and color
  • Negative space

text alignment


balanced composition - structured and non-structured

Balance is the visual weight or representation in the composition structured balance non-structured balance circular balance.


proximity in graphic design

Moving images closer or far away, grouped or apart.


repitition of color or font face in graphic design

Repitition generates impression. It can be patterns, type face, alignment, color, shape etc.


various examples of proximity design principles

Try to apply simplicity. Avoide visual compitition and practice visual harmony instead.

What are the key to become a successful graphic designer?

various contemporary graphic design examples

  • Always be creative, join behance to get inspired by other designer's work
  • Try to enjoy your work
  • Get ready for new challanges
  • Continue research and learning - google and youtube are your best friends
  • Be confident and able to work under pressure
  • Learn to take critisism and move ahead
  • Keep an open mind to work on commercial projects
  • Always stay organized
  • Draw the design concept and make all the assets ready before sitting in front of computer to start off a project.

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