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Building Responsive Websites with HTML5 CSS BOOTSTRAP and JQ...

Building Responsive Websites with HTML5 CSS BOOTSTRAP and JQUERY from Scratch

Category: Bootstrap   CSS   HTML   jQuery   Updated by Ryan Dhungel

I have recently created this wonderful course which will make you a web developer from scratch. This course covers HTML5 CSS BOOTSTRAP JQUERY for those who are just begining or looking to get into the world of web development but not sure how and where to start. Web development is a vast topic and one can easily get lost. So to save your time and sanity, I have made this beginer friendly course.

This premium course has 3 major sections

First section will get you up and running with html and css. Then in the second section we will dive into bootstrap which will enable you to develop production ready professional web pages that are beautiful, feature rich and fully responsive.

They will work perfectly for both web and mobile devices.

We will not stop there. We will also dive into jquery. And you will be surprised how cool and easy jquery is even if you know absolutely nothing about javascript. You will learn about using cool animations, learn how to select the html elements using jquery and add awesome features to them.

Now you might be thinking ok thats great. But wait, there is more. There are some more great topics covered as well. One of them is adding email feature to your contact forms

Yes, its almost impossible to use email features on static sites that are built only with html and css without any server side technology such as php but we will tackle this problem too .. nice and easy.

So yes, there will be email feature to our site and it will go live. Yes, I will show you how to push your local project to live server and reach out to the whole world.

Yes this one course will change everything. 

You know web development is vast and complex but mainly is because of confusion and not being able to decice where to begin and what to learn ...

This course will solve that problem. Enrol in this course and change your life. Lets start right now!

Here in the main course demo (There will be two more projects based on pure html and css and also on jquery), we have a beautiful image slider. With heading and a bit of description and a call to action button.

It is fully responsive and works perfectluy in small screen and mobile devices too because it uses bootstrap

we will learn how to customize it many ways, making images responsive. using font awewsome icons and google fonts and also a bit about SEO practices.

Adding a fullwidth fixed background image for beautiful effects, fully functioning contact form, tables, background gradient color...formating articles...and more!

Not to forget, cool panels and yes modal too which you can customize in many ways you prefer...

You can add more animations and interactivity to it using jquery which you will learn in the last seciton . so yes, its packed with awesome practical tools that you will require in every day life as a web developer. Excited? lets get right into it!!

Remember, In this course, you will learn to CODE FROM SCRATCH. If you haven't yet, get ready to write you very first code and discover the the brand new world!

Here is the complete Curriculum of this course.



  • Downloading bootstrap
  • Understanding and using bootstrap rows and grids
  • Using bootstrap jumbotron
  • Responsive image with bootstrap
  • Buttons and lists with bootstrap
  • Building forms with bootstrap
  • Using font awesome icons with bootstrap
  • Using live css editor
  • Customizing font awesome icons
  • Bootstrap menu or navigation bar
  • Mobile hamburger menu with bootstrap
  • Leaving comments in style sheet
  • Making the menu links work
  • Using google fonts and styling text
  • Using inspect tool, heading style and navigation links
  • Creating tables with bootstrap
  • Blockquote and strong tags
  • Working panels in bootstrap
  • Using scrollspy for highlighting current links
  • Implementing image slider or carousel
  • Adding images to slider or carousel
  • Creating footer section
  • Full width background image for a div with fixed state
  • Gradient background
  • Pop up modal in bootstrap


  • Getting ready to start with jquery
  • Downloading plugin for sublime text
  • Write your first script with hello world alert
  • Using animations with jquery
  • Targetting classes and ids with jquery
  • Target same element with many selectors
  • Remove classes and adding css style using jquery
  • Changing html text with jquery
  • Append and remove in jquery
  • Cloning and targeting the parent element in jquery
  • Targetting child element and the nth child
  • Target odd or even numbers in jquery and more

Hosting, Email Feature, HTML Semantics and more

  • Html head section
  • Html body section with main articles aside and more
  • Push your project to the live server
  • Fxing image links on live site
  • Adding email feature to our static page
  • Adding message field to our emails

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